A proposed framework for short-, medium- and long-term responses by range States to curb poaching for African rhino horns


African rhinos are suffering a new poaching onslaught for their high-priced horns. Despite intensified anti- poaching activities, the number of rhinos poached per day has continued to increase since 2008. Between 2010 and 2011 more than 1.5% of the African rhino population was poached each year: a higher percentage is projected for 2012. This trend in increased poaching will reverse overall positive rhino population growth in the long term. In response, a rhino emergency summit comprising representatives of rhino range States, the private sector, government officials and non-governmental organizations met in Nairobi during April 2012. Following this meeting, we propose an integrated framework directed at reducing the demand-and-supply ratio associated with the use of rhino horn. The framework is envisaged to guide short- as well as medium- to long-term responses by range States directed at reducing the incentives for poaching and ensuring the persistence of rhinos.



African rhinos, poaching, demand and supply, range State responses

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